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Thrifty Finds at Closet Revival!

Thrifty Finds at Closet Revival!

Like many of you, I'm a huge fan of thrift shopping/scouring resale stores for great finds. One of my favorite spots is Closet Revival in Plano. I went on Thursday, and of course walked out with some AMAZING pieces -- here's my haul! 

1. J. Crew Faux-Fur Vest


I'm sure you all have seen the comeback of the faux-fur vest, but perhaps you're like me and were daunted by the price tags of the better-quality versions! It's one thing to pick one up from Forever 21 (and don't get me wrong...I love me some F21!!) but nobody wants a vest that sheds everywhere. 

I'd been on the hunt for one of these J. Crew vests -- J. Crew is one of my favorite brands, which you'll see throughout this post!! -- and finally found one in my size at Closet Revival. On the J. Crew site, it's listed originally for $120.00, then marked down to $94.99 -- oh, and it's completely sold out online. The two colors they list are vivid burgundy and glass petal (a medium pink), but the one I picked up yesterday is navy blue, perfect to blend seamlessly into my wardrobe! The best part of all? I picked it up for an affordable $45. SUCH a win. 

2. Mystree Washed Suede Dress


This was actually the first piece that caught my eye when I walked into the store. I love the simple silhouette, especially with the darting on the top. It's such a flattering cut, and add that to the interesting, out-of-the-ordinary texture/fabric, it's a definite win! 

I'd love to pair this with some chunky booties or knee-high boots, a bomber jacket, and a statement necklace. I found this dress online on Shoptiques, originally marked at $72 and then discounted to $40. I got it at Closet Revival for $20 -- what a great deal! That's half off the MARKDOWN. 

3. J. Crew Crewneck Sweater with Edged Lace


Yet another J. Crew piece -- and yet another J. Crew piece that's totally sold out online! I absolutely love sweaters this time of year, even though Dallas might not always have sweater weather during the winter! I get cold easily, and there's something that's so comforting about a super-warm, snuggly sweater -- this one is 40% wool, just enough to keep me toasty without being scratchy or uncomfortable! 

Because it was sold out online, I didn't get to see what the original price was on the J. Crew website. However, I did find a few of these sweaters on eBay, one that was $39.99 and one that was $47. I scored mine for $22!! I can't wait to pair this with a swingy navy skirt to really complete the look. 

4. Mine Blue Structured Joggers


I couldn't find these online, but another one of the great things about Closet Revival is finding pieces from lesser-known brands that are still great quality and, HELLO, a great price! I'm really not one for overly fitted pants, but even I must admit that joggers-slash-fancy-sweatpants don't fit the bill for every event. These more structured joggers, however, combine all the comfort of loungewear with something more refined. I credit the popularity of athleisure with these being pretty much acceptable workwear! 

5. J. Crew Boy Shirt in Crinkle Plaid


And finally, one last J. Crew piece to round out this haul! I love the fit of the Boy Shirt, but the regular price in stores (this Crinkle Gingham version starts at $59.99 on the J. Crew website!) deters me from picking it up. When I saw this shirt in Closet Revival, though, the $18 price tag had me SOLD! I love the lightweight cotton material -- it's totally breathable and is suitable even for the Dallas fall/winter, which is unpredictable but can tend to be pretty warm. Plus, this color scheme is SO festive...I might just wear it today for some last-minute Christmas shopping!! 

If you're in the DFW area and looking for some great finds, I seriously recommend Closet Revival. Be sure to Tweet me or tag me in your Instagram posts so I can see what you picked up!

Until next time ~

XOXO, Maria

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