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Plan With Me: April 2018

Plan With Me: April 2018

Long time no see, blog!! Mostly thanks to Spring Break, Thrive With Style has been on a tiny bit of a hiatus. To ease myself back into blogging, my goal is to post twice a week in April -- so let's get started with another Plan With Me! 

Cover Page

bullet journal april cover page.jpg

If my head cold these past few days has been any indication -- spring has come to Texas! So I definitely wanted a theme for this month that would represent that, and, of course, that was easy to draw -- so I landed on bees!! I mean, this little guy on the cover page is pretty cute as he buzzes out of his hive. Awww. 

My quote this month is from Jacques Cousteau: "The happiness of the bee and the dolphin is to exist. For man, it is to know that and to wonder at it." Marveling at nature during the spring is a MUST, and as a firmly indoors kind of girl, I'm hoping this quote will inspire me to get out there and enjoy the beautiful weather. 

Month At-a-Glance

april bullet journal calendar.jpg

In March, I tried the more traditional bullet journal style calendar, but I missed the visual of the month at-a-glance too much, so we're back to the regular calendar style! I tried to keep up the theme a little with the honeycomb shapes marking the days of the week, and if I can find some nice spring stickers throughout the month, I'll probably keep decorating in the margins! 

Habit Tracker

april habit tracker bullet journal.jpg

Nothing too exciting here -- I'm using the sticker that came in my April Boho Berry Box again. I seem to always fall off the habit tracking wagon about halfway through the month, so this month, one of my habits is, in fact, bullet journaling! I really want to use my journal to keep myself accountable with my goals, habits, and my schedule in general, so hopefully that line will help! 

April Goals

april goals bullet journal.jpg

I still need to fill this page out, but I'm excited to set and accomplish some goals this month. I'm going back to school in August, and hopefully working somewhere this summer, so I want to get myself back on a real schedule and get used to working on things again!! Sabbatical, schmabbatical, as they say (they = me, okay?!). 

Until next time~

XOXO, Maria

International Women's Day

International Women's Day