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My Favorite Apps (Spring 2018)

My Favorite Apps (Spring 2018)

I know this should have been obvious for years, but I've really only noticed how much I use my phone since the battery has started to give out on me. I've resorted to leaving it on airplane mode most of the time in a desperate attempt to conserve power, but it hasn't really helped (come on, Apple!!!). Regardless -- as soon as my battery is fixed, I know I'll be right back to using these five apps all the time!!


etsy app.jpg

Obviously, this app is nothing new, but I only recently downloaded it so I could browse through the planner sticker section. Yep. That's how obsessed I am with my planner and its decor...I need to be able to check out the new sticker kits from ANYWHERE. Plus, I am the new owner of a Cricut, so I definitely want to be inspired by all the incredible stickermakers out there! And even if I'm not looking for stickers, it's so easy to get sucked into the black hole of Etsy products. 


twitch app.png

This is kind of a weird app for me to like, because I'm definitely not a video game person, BUT trust me when I say this app gets a LOT of use on my phone. I'm a huge fan of a show called Critical Role, and the incredible nerdiness of it is probably going to scare a lot of you off, but trust me when I say it's one of the best things on "television" right now. Starring a group of voice actors, Critical Role is a show about.....wait for it....Dungeons And Dragons. As y'all can see from my first few favorite app choices, there's more to me than shopping hauls and morning routines (like, not MUCH more, but that's beside the point). Anyway -- if you have Amazon Prime, you can get Twitch Prime for free. Score!! 

Moon Phase

moon phase.jpg

Slightly less geeky this time, emphasis on SLIGHTLY. As part of my newfound obsession with horoscopes and tarot cards, I'm also getting more and more interested in the phases of the moon and how the different planets interact when it comes to astrology. This app is so great and easy to navigate, plus it tells you when the best time to view the moon is! Perfect for any astronomers, astrologers, or werewolves out there. You're welcome.


workouts plus app.jpg

FINALLY, a non-geeky app! I actually downloaded this app way before the iPhone updated to being able to add seconds to the timer, but which was my main reason for wanting the app. But I love that you can enter in a full workout with time denominations and then just go for it! A Siri-like voice will tell you when to switch to the next exercise, and it's super helpful. I like to use it for when I'm working out at home with limited equipment. Another feature I especially like is that you can change the sounds -- I've changed the final beep (signifying the workout is over) to a hockey goal horn!! To each their own...



My final favorite app of the moment is Headspace, a meditation app I'm sure y'all have all heard of. For me, I sometimes find unguided meditation too difficult and boring, so I really like that Headspace reminds you to bring your focus back every so often. Plus, they have different meditations for different scenarios (anxiety, sleep, productivity, etc.). I'm still working my way through the Basics, and loving it so far! 

What are your favorite apps right now?! Let me know in the comments below!!

Until next time ~

XOXO, Maria

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