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Plan With Me: March 2018

Plan With Me: March 2018

Compared to January, February FLEW by (I guess because of the whole only 28 days thing...). It's already time to plan for March! I tried to simplify my planning this month, and tried some new layouts as well -- check it out! 

Cover Page

bullet journal march cover page.jpg

I've really loved the cover style I've done for the past couple of months, with one fairly simple drawing in the middle, beneath the month name in one of the colors of my monthly theme. This month, I used lots of green and gold for March: I used Tombow #026 (Yellow Gold); Tombow #N35 (Cool Gray); Tombow #133 (Chartreuse); and Tombow #245 (Sap Green). I thought these colors together were just perfect for March, and I liked that they combined some of my favorite colors -- the dark green, gold, and the neutral gunmetal-type grey. 

As for the quote, this month I chose one from John Milton: "Luck is the residue of design." I really loved this quote because even though it does have to do with luck, another theme for my March spread, it shows that luck actually comes from something else. Milton says design, I say hard work -- but they could be one and the same! 



My calendar is the first spread I changed from my past months! I've usually been drawing in a calendar so that I could see the whole month at a glance, and I have really liked that (and might even go back to that in April!). I just wanted to try something different this month, and so this monthly spread is closer to the actual Bullet Journal spread. I got the idea to separate my events into three columns (labeled School/Work, Blog, and The Rest) from Cindy Guentert-Baldo of Llama Letters. I'm not gonna lie, Cindy is my new planner obsession. I binged her Plan As You Go month, where she showed us her planning setup every day, and she's the main reason I'm hankering for an Erin Condren Hourly with ALL THE STICKERS for my academic calendar. Sigh. Here's her version, on her Instagram! 

March Tracker

bullet journal march habit tracker.jpg

My habit tracker is definitely an example of how I simplified my monthly spread -- I didn't even draw a habit tracker in! Last month, not only did I draw in my month-long habit tracker, I also drew in a bunch of smaller trackers for specific goals. I didn't end up using them, even though I did work on my goals -- this month, I decided to cut that extra goals spread out. I used the sticker I received in March's Boho Berry Box to lay out my habits, and I'll try to keep a good track of them here. As for mood, I have a year-long year in pixels mood tracker at the front of my bullet journal, so I'm going to try and think of something else to use that mini tracker for! 

Gratitude Log

bullet journal march gratitude log.jpg

Next up is my gratitude log, which I didn't really change from last month except for giving it a new title -- the Lucky List! It fits right in with my theme for March, and I want to take the time every day to think of something I'm lucky to have. This idea was inspired by Caitlin Marie da Silva of Caitlin's Corner on YouTube! Her March setup was so cute and used the lucky theme perfectly. 

Weekly Spread


Finally, the last spread I've set up in March is my first weekly spread. Again, the credit for this one goes to Cindy from Llama Letters!! I'm in love with the time tracker so far. Especially because my time is so unstructured right now, it's really helpful to see where my time goes during the day (and really embarrassing to see how much time I spend in the "social media farting around" category...Pinterest is just so INTERESTING). On the right-hand side, the lines are for me to practice lettering -- Cindy does the same, and I really want to improve my calligraphy and just regular handwriting. She puts challenges on her Instagram, so be sure to check there if you want to participate -- and check out my Instagram later in the month to see how I'm doing!! 

Are you changing anything up in your planners this month?! Let me know in the comments below!!

Until next time ~

XOXO, Maria

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March 2018 Goals

March 2018 Goals

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