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February 2018 Goal Check + FREE PRINTABLE!

February 2018 Goal Check + FREE PRINTABLE!

If you remember, I wrote a post in January detailing the 18 goals I wanted to work on in 2018. I wanted to check on them and see what progress I had made in January, as well as set some new mini-goals for February! In my February Plan With Me, I showed y'all my February goals spread. Here's how I'll be using it this month. 

Self-Care Goals


1. Read 50 books in 2018: I definitely fell behind on this in January, completing only one book, but so far, I've already read two in February! In my goal spread, I put my goal for this month as three books, but on second thought, I know I'll be able to read more than that. Plus, to put me back on track for my basically book-a-week goal, I'll have to read seven books this month. I'm already excited!! 

2. Bible Study: Between being in the hospital and recovering during January, my daily Scripture challenge fell by the wayside in mid- to late-January. I'm coming back with a new fervor for February, and I haven't missed a day of Scripture study yet! In my goals spread, I put a mini habit tracker to check off the days I complete. 

3. Write for Myself: I definitely didn't do any personal writing in January, so I'm hoping to fix that in February. I'm definitely low on ideas, though. I'm thinking I might try daily journaling (kicking it off a few days into the month, of course!). 

Family & Friends


4. Monthly 1-on-1 Outings: I've already had one-on-one outings with my mom, even if it's just running an errand or two during the day! I'm hoping to be able to go back to see a Stars game (or two...or three...) this month, so that'll be my dad's outing. As for my brother, I'm trying to come up with good ideas for outings, but to be honest, his schoolwork, after-school activities, and social life keep him pretty busy, so I'm pretty sure his uncool older sister is the last thing on his mind! 

5. FaceTime 4 times with College Friends: I need to get on this, even if my friends have to schedule our chats into their busy days (I see a recurring theme here...). I want to hear all about my friends' college experiences, and be as much of a sounding board as I can, so this goal will definitely be important to me in February. 

6. Write More Handwritten Letters: What a perfect time to talk about InCoWriMo!! I know I've already talked about it on the blog, but it's such a fun concept and I'm already having a blast. Basically, when you participate in InCoWriMo (International Correspondence Writing Month), you agree to write one handwritten letter a day -- or at least, to try!! I can't wait to meet some brand-new penpals, and to write letters to people who are already in my life who might not expect it. 

Academics & Hobbies


7. Language Study: I took French for 12 years, and I've grown up hearing Spanish being spoken around me by my mom and her family. I really want to get more serious about studying Spanish, and I don't want to forget too much of my French studies before starting college in the fall! My goal for this month is to practice these languages on Duolingo daily, though I'm already fallen behind a little, whoops. 

8. Improve Knitting: I love knitting, and I already have three days in my calendar that have knitting events on them! That being said, my specific, measurable goal for February is to complete three knitting projects. I have one scarf that I'm knitting for my mom that I can probably finish in the next few days, and then I'll start on a couple new scarves! I'd like to say I've pretty much mastered the knit stitch right now, so as soon as I can figure out my purls, I'll be good to go on a ton of new stitches and patterns! 

9. Practice Calligraphy: When I was completing my January in Review spread in my bullet journal, and looking at my best and worst habits in my habit tracker, I realized I'd only practiced my calligraphy once in the whole month of January. In February, my goal is to have eight calligraphy practice sessions. I really want to get better at calligraphy -- like, good enough to address envelopes for others -- and I know that the only way to get better is practice, practice, practice!! 



10. Set Up & Stick To a Budget: This goal is a little harder to be measurable, because it's just a question of whether or not I properly track all my expenses. That's basically the goal for this month -- I want to do this in February and March, to really see where I spend money. To be fair, I haven't been going out to physically shop too much, but I've definitely done my fair share of Amazon browsing

11. Be More Active on Poshmark: As y'all may know, I'm a seller on the app Poshmark, and I even got Poshmark Ambassador status in December. I turned my store to vacation mode for the last couple weeks of January, when I knew I would be too busy resting and recuperating to sell on Poshmark, and had sort of forgotten when the store would be available again until I made a sale yesterday, LOL. I'm hoping to post 16 items to Poshmark this month -- I definitely have inventory that still needs to be posted! -- so basically, just about 4 items a month. I used another mini tracker in my goals spread, so that I can check off boxes as I post items. 

12. Start Investing: This is a huge goal of mine for 2018. At this point, though, I know I'm still in the research stages, and to be honest, I don't even have a concrete goal! I think I'll just concentrate on reading more about investing this month, so I can make more educated decisions down the line. 

Trade & Talents


13. Complete a Manuscript: Another giant goal for this year, back-to-back! I've always wanted to be a published author, so I'm taking the first steps to writing a book this month. I want to outline three novel ideas, so I can decide which one I want to plunge into and try my hand at finishing. 

14. Set Quarterly Goals for Thrive With Style: Oh hey!! Here I am, working on that. My mini-goal for February was to write this post!! To go further than that, though, I turned to my TWS Trello board, where I outlined a bunch of goals for this quarter. For February, I'm focusing on my guest posts goal, as well as my email list goals. I'll do a more in-depth review of my blog's first-quarter goals in late March! 

15. Summer Internship: This might seem like a slightly short-sighted goal, if these are supposed to last me the full 12 months of 2018, but to be honest, with college starting in August, I think I'll have a whole new set of goals for the second half of this year...stay tuned to see if I do! Anyway, for February, I just want to get my resumes and cover letters figured out for any internships I want to apply to in March or April. 

Health & Fitness


16. Participate in 3 5ks: After walking the Turkey Trot last year, I knew that I wanted to do something similar again! I'm definitely not a runner, so speed-walking is more my, well, SPEED. As of right now, I'm just trying to take daily walks (another goal I'm falling behind on!) as I recover from surgery. 

17. Try Pilates & Yoga: Again, this is a goal that's sort of on the back-burner as I recuperate! For now, I'm starting some light strength training, and I'll go from there in March, when figuring out my health and fitness goals for the last month of the first quarter. 

18. Track Hydration: I've definitely been doing this in my monthly habit tracker! At the end of January, there were definitely a few days that I felt the averse effects of being dehydrated (bad headaches, nausea, etc.), so I know I need to be staying hydrated daily. If I can go for a certain number of days this month staying hydrated, I know I want to set up some kind of reward system. I just have to figure out what it is!! 

With all these goals in mind, I knew I needed a way to track my progress! Of course, my goal spread works, but not everyone uses a bullet journal, or is even interested in making their own spread...and sometimes, a certain goal is better measured by percentages! 

I've designed a FREE PRINTABLE that y'all can use monthly to keep track of your goals!!

Let me know if it comes in handy!

Until next time ~

XOXO, Maria 

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