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Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

February 17 is National Random Acts of Kindness Day, so I wanted to write a post on that theme this year! It might be a day early, but hopefully you'll get some ideas about how to honor this day. I have always loved the idea of Random Acts of Kindness. Of course, you don't need a holiday or special title/phrase to just be nice to people, but I do like that as a culture, we're recognizing the importance of it. There are so many ways to perform a Random Act of Kindness! 

Write a Letter

Apart from housing National Random Acts of Kindness Day (and Week!), February is also International Correspondence Writing Month. I've been participating in InCoWriMo by writing to people I know in real life, and those I've met through penpal groups on Facebook. Another option is to write to strangers in your community! Dropping off a letter of gratitude to the firefighters at your local fire station, or just putting a note into your favorite book at the library or bookstore, there are lots of ways you can use your stationery for good! 

Knit a Scarf

This may require learning a new skill if you're like me and you're a knitting rookie! But I promise it's not half as hard as it seems, and it's such a fun activity once you learn! I'm part of a group called Spreading the Warmth that meets once monthly to collect the scarves we knit all month. The scarves are then tagged with a Spreading the Warmth card, and we distribute them to people all month long! We always say, "I made this for you," when we give them, even if we're giving them to a perfect stranger. Just that simple act of giving someone a scarf on a cold day can create a ripple effect of kindness all throughout your community! 

Donate Books to a Library...

Many public libraries have book drives, and they will usually resell those books at a big sale to raise money for the library. I have definitely shopped at those sales before, and so it only seems right to donate my books to the library to continue the cycle! If they don't have a book drive, consider donating a few coins whenever you go to the library. Sometimes there will be books for sale, as well, and that money will go back into the library! 

...or Towels to an Animal Shelter

For one of my birthdays growing up, I asked for no presents, just donations of food and blankets/towels for my local animal shelter. Even the most worn, pre-loved towel will be appreciated by the animal shelter! Again, this is another place where you can donate money, but if you want to do a little pre-spring cleaning and go through your linen closet, that works too! 

Have a Judgement-Free Day

This Random Act of Kindness is partially directed toward others, but it's also being kind to yourself, which can sometimes slip through the cracks. Being mindful for a whole day about what you're thinking, and trying not to judge others OR yourself, is a great way to celebrate National Random Acts of Kindness Day. Self-care can sometimes fall by the wayside, especially around Valentine's Day, and being kind to yourself will do wonders for your soul!! 

Until next time ~

XOXO, Maria


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