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Plan With Me: February 2018

Plan With Me: February 2018

We're now a full month into 2018 -- and also, a full month into my first-ever bullet journal! I definitely made some changes from January, and I'm really happy with my February spreads. Let's dive in! 

Cover Page


I am so happy with my cover page for February! I know many people probably do floral/hearts/lots of pink in February for Valentine's Day, but I have other things on my mind right now! As some of y'all may know, I had surgery in mid-January, so I know that in February, I'll really just be starting my long journey to getting back to 100%. With that in mind, I chose mountains as my theme for February -- physical mountains are easy enough to draw, and they perfectly represent the "mountain" I have to climb now! I loooove how this illustration turned out, and I put a quote by Sir Edmund Hillary at the top (very appropriate!)

Month At a Glance


I didn't change a lot here from January, but I did manage to put some drawings of mountains on the bottom, along with a quote I found by Theodore Roethke. I just loooove this quote, and it couples with my month's theme so well: "Over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley." 

Habit Tracker, Gratitude Log, & Spending Tracker


Again, these spreads aren't too different from January! I did change some of the habits I'm tracking (I added in Miracle Morning, for instance, because I want to see how I can incorporate those habits into my daily routine during February). I also added a little bit of the adorable washi tape from Bella's Bead Habit, which was included in the February Boho Berry Box. I LOVE vintage floral, so of course I'm totally in love with this tape! 


My spending tracker is pretty similar to last month's, too, and I did a really good job of not shopping too much in January...hopefully I'll be able to stick to that in February! 

HEART Goals Spread


I wrote a post all about goal-setting back in January, and I can't wait to update y'all with how my different goals are coming along, but I also wanted a way to keep track of my goals. HEART goals, a play off of SMART goals, is a concept Whitney English (founder of Day Designer) talked about at length in a webinar. I seriously love HEART goals, but I wanted them to be Measurable, just like SMART goals are. Thus, my February goal spread has little boxes to tick off so I can track my progress! 

Sleep Log


My sleep log is a new addition to my bullet journal this month! I basically used the same setup as Kara Benz of Boho Berry. I know I'll be napping a lot in February as my body works to recover from surgery, so I want to keep a visual track of that, as well as how much I sleep overnight. 

InCoWriMo Calendar


Ah, InCoWriMo!! February is International Correspondence Writing Month, and this is my first year participating in this challenge -- much like NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, where you try to write a 50,000-word novel in the month of November), it will be a month-long commitment that I'll want to stay on top of! I want to write down what days I write letters and to whom, as well as when I receive letters and when I plan to respond. 

Weekly Spreads


Although one of the greatest things about the bullet journal system is that you can change your planning setups at any time, a wave of boredom hit me sometime at the end of January and I wanted to make all my February weekly spreads RIGHT THEN. Of course, the only downside to that (as of now!) is that I couldn't incorporate all the adorable stickers from the February Boho Berry Box. I'm planning on waiting to set up the entire month of March until I receive the next box, so I can fully use all the materials and show y'all how I did it! 

Because I really can't be overextending myself just yet, I went with part of Kara Benz's setup (she uses a similar spread to the one on the left-hand side of the page every week), but then combined that with a week-per-page spread I found on Pinterest. This way, I have a limited amount of space per day, and can't fill each day up TOO much. 

Self-Care Tracker


Finally, the last page I have set up for February is just a self-care tracker sticker from, of course, the February Boho Berry Box! I filled it in with different things I want to track that concern self-care, and as the month progresses, I'll have a bunch of line graphs below! And of course, I couldn't resist adding just a little more of that gorgeous washi tape. 

I have been loving using my bullet journal each and every day of 2018, even if I don't write in it -- just seeing all my intentions grouped together has been incredible! 

If you're using a bullet journal this year --or ANY type of planner, I love them all! -- be sure to let me know how that's going in the comments below!! 

Until next time ~

XOXO, Maria

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February 2018 Goal Check + FREE PRINTABLE!

February 2018 Goal Check + FREE PRINTABLE!

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