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What to Bring to the Hospital

What to Bring to the Hospital

When this blog post goes live, I'll be at the hospital. I know, I know, that seems dramatic, but hopefully I should be back to posting like crazy in Facebook groups ASAP!! I figured I wasn't the only one who wasn't quite sure what to bring for an overnight hospital stay, so here are my picks! 

1. Robe


I'll actually be bringing two robes to the hospital -- one that looks like the one above just for a cover-up, and another that's longer and made of a thin flannel, in case I get too cold for the shorter one! I'll also be bringing some cheap nightgowns -- I usually wear pajama pants, but for my surgery, nightgowns will be easier! 


These are the exact headphones I have! I love that I can wear them while lying down, without having to worry about an earbud falling out. Plus, I got the ones in the photo, the purple ones -- my favorite color! I've already used them a few times while falling asleep, and once when my dad drove us around looking at Christmas lights -- my ears were nice and warm, AND I could listen to Christmas music as loud as I wanted! 

3. Long Phone Charger


I've had a long phone charger for quite some time, so that I can scroll through Pinterest in my bed while my phone charges, but seeing this adorable rose gold one makes me want to replace the black one I have! I'm not sure how close my hospital bed will be to an outlet, so I'll definitely be taking my long charger along. 

4. Lip Balm


My lips are super dry at the best of times, and not even Chapstick works as well as Vaseline! I bet the hospital air will be even drier than what I'm used to, so I'll definitely be bringing a tube or two of this Advanced Healing Lip Therapy with me! 

5. Eyemask


Even though I got better at sleeping with the lights on when I had roommates, it's still nice to be in darkness when you're really tired! This eye mask is soooo cute, plus it looks super soft and snuggly. There's nothing worse than a rough eye mask rubbing on your face! I am of the firm opinion that you can never have too many eye masks, because they're so easily lost on a plane...or a train....or in your own car (hey, it's happened to me!), so here are a few more recommendations! 

Can't wait to update this blog with my progress as my health journey continues! Much love to you all!

Until next time ~

XOXO, Maria

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