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My 18 Goals for 2018 Using My PRINTABLE!

My 18 Goals for 2018 Using My PRINTABLE!

On Wednesday, I shared with y'all a few different goal-setting methods, then set you loose to go ahead and set those goals! Today, I'm going to use the free printable I shared in that post to outline my own goals for the year, and share them with you! 




1. Read 50+ Books

I absolutely love reading, and even while I've been on a gap year this year, I haven't found myself reading as much as I'd like to -- I get distracted with social media, TV, or working on something else like a blog post or Poshmark. In 2018, I want to read at least 50 books -- that's roughly a book a week -- and diversify the genres. My favorites are historical fiction and fantasy, so I'm sure plenty of those will end up on my read list, but I want to read at least 10 history books this year and 10 books on teaching -- these are more development for my career -- and at least 10 books on regular old personal development! 

2. Study the Bible

This past fall, my aunt bought me a beautiful Bible that I've been slowly reading. I want to continue studying it in order (I'm reading the New Testament first, and when I say SLOWLY, I mean slowly -- she gave it to me in October and I'm still in Matthew!). I want to be more consistent with my reading. Also, I want to do a scripture challenge every month -- right now, I'm doing this one by Whole Magazine. It's been really nice to just copy out a passage of scripture and study it every morning, so I'm excited to continue this through the year! 

3. Write for Myself

Considering myself a writer is such an important part of who I am, but lately, I've been more focused on writing FOR something -- the blog, or a project like NaNoWriMo, or even back to essays for school. I want to make sure that I do some sort of writing for myself every day, whether that's journaling or poetry or anything else. 

Friends & Family


4. Monthly One-on-One Outings w/ Family

I'm very lucky to be going to college 45 minutes away from where my family lives, so I'll be able to see my parents and brother often even once I'm at school. While I'm still living at home, though, I want to develop a habit to continue when I'm at SMU. I want to spend some quality one-on-one time with each of them each month, whether that's going shopping or out to lunch with my mom, going to a hockey game with my dad, or playing video games with my brother. 

5. FaceTime with Friends

My friends practically all go to school far away from me, and although I text them often, it's not the same as seeing them face-to-face! I want to try and schedule in FaceTime dates with various pals so we can just chat about what's going on in our lives. 

6. Write One Handwritten Letter a Month

I love sending and receiving mail, so I'm really excited for this one! Not only will it give me a chance to practice my handwriting and calligraphy, writing letters is another method of communication I feel we miss out on because of how easy it is to shoot off a quick text or Snapchat. Whether I'm writing to a grandmother, a cousin, or a friend, I already know several people who would love to receive a handwritten note. Maybe I can even keep up some correspondence this year, which would be awesome!! 

Academics & Hobbies


7. Consistent Language Study

I took French for 12 years at school, and I love the language and culture so much. I really miss having French class every other day and easily being able to talk in another language, because I haven't practiced since May and I'm definitely rusty! I also want to learn more Spanish -- my mom's family is from Colombia and speaks Spanish a lot, but even though I understand what they're saying I can't really form any sentences of my own. I'm studying them both on Duolingo, and I already feel like I'm making progress! 

8. Improve Knitting & Learn New Techniques

I just started knitting in December, and I already LOOOOVE it. It's so relaxing, and I love the fact that you can see your progress as you go! It's so rewarding to finish a scarf and know that you're responsible for all those little stitches. This year, I want to continue knitting as often as I can, and learn some new things -- as of now, the only thing I've made are scarves, and I want to be able to make hats, socks, and sweaters! I also want to be able to do cable knit and different lace knits. 

9. Practice Handwriting & Calligraphy

I love beautiful handwriting, and I'm working to develop my own. Keeping a bullet journal is already proving helpful, because I have whole pages of just WRITING. Calligraphy is just an elevated step of this, and I want to keep working on that, too. I'd love to be able to address envelopes as a sidehustle one day, and practice makes perfect!! 



10. Set Up & Stick to a Budget

Because I don't have a regular income, it's kind of difficult to set up a budget, but for right now I want to be tracking my expenses -- once I know what I spend, I'll know what to eliminate! Hopefully this summer and fall I'll have a regular income coming in and I'll be able to do a more traditional budget. 

11. Be More Active on Poshmark

I love selling on Poshmark (use my code MKATS19 for a $5 credit if you're interested in selling, too!), and I think I did pretty well for my first year! I signed up in January 2017 (it's almost my Poshiversary!) but really only started selling in July. I want to be more committed to it this year, by checking the app a few times a day and sharing my closet, but ALSO by posting new items to my closet at least three times a week. My office at home is full of items ready to be photographed and listed, so I just need to get motivated to do it -- they can't sell if no one knows they're there!! 

12. Start Investing

This one should be sort of self-explanatory, but at the same time, it's something that I know I'll have to put a lot of research into. I want to start investing for my future this year -- more big girl investing than just saving, which of course is great, but I want my money to work for me! I may have more updates on this later in the year. 

Trade & Talents


13. Complete a Manuscript

One of my dreams is to be a published author, so this year, I really want to get a first draft of a manuscript hammered out. I definitely have plenty of ideas bobbing around, I just need to make sure everything connects and that there's enough content for an entire book. This is one of the goals I'm most excited about -- I really think I can do it this year if I set my mind to it! 

14. Set Quarterly SMART Goals for Blog

I mentioned these goals in my Setting Goals for 2018 post -- I have three each in the categories of content, social media, and community/engagement for the first quarter. Expect an update on these in late March/early April! 

15. Summer Internship

In my bullet journal, I have a whole list of summer internship ideas -- I won't start applying to those until March, probably, but it's good to be looking at your resume several months before application season! 

Health & Fitness


16. Participate in 3 5ks

In 2017, I walked my first 5K (the Dallas Turkey Trot) and I had such a blast! I love walking for fitness, and after my upcoming surgery, that's going to be one of the ways I get back in the fitness saddle. I'll definitely only be walking in these 5Ks, not running, but I just loved the atmosphere and excitement of it all, and the fact that my mom and aunt walked with me made it even more fun! 

17. Try Pilates & Yoga

Another post-surgery fitness plan! Pilates and yoga will both be great at restrengthening muscles, and gaining some flexibility, to boot. Plus, yoga is so great for anyone who has anxiety, and I'm excited to learn different breathing techniques and poses. As for Pilates, I know that that can be quite a workout, and I'm excited to jump into that! I follow Blogilates on YouTube and totally love all her content, so I'll be keeping up with her, as well, and practicing some Pilates-type moves through her videos! 

18. Track Hydration

FINALLY, my last goal of 2018 is to be more hydrated. I used to drink water allllll the time, and even though it's basically the only thing I drink (I hate soda!), I definitely don't drink enough. My plan is to keep a tracker in my bullet journal of how many days I drink 64+ ounces of water, and if I reach a certain number of days per month, I'll reward myself somehow! I know, I'm basically bribing myself to be healthy, but you gotta do what you gotta do! I really think tracking it will keep me more on top of how much water I'm drinking, and that's always a good thing. 

So there you have it! Those are my goals for 2018, all outlined in my printable. In the comments below, share some of YOUR 2018 goals -- I'd love to hear them all!! 

Until next time ~

XOXO, Maria 

My Cozy Faves!

My Cozy Faves!

Setting Goals for 2018! -- FREE PRINTABLE!

Setting Goals for 2018! -- FREE PRINTABLE!