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My Favorite YouTubers!

My Favorite YouTubers!

Like most of you, I'm sure, I watch a LOT of YouTube. As much fun as it is to watch a regular TV show on Netflix, I love how many options there are on YouTube. Plus, it's amazing to see the content creators out there! In no particular order, here are my favorite YouTubers of the moment. 

1. Living Rosa

I love a good vlog, and Living Rosa is my all-time favorite vlog channel to watch! Filmed by moms Mandi and Tara Rosa, the Living Rosa vlogs show all the ups and downs of having three young daughters -- Lennon, 2, and the nearly six-month-old twins, Everett and Maeve. They're just the cutest family ever, and I'm not gonna lie, I always watch their videos when I'm feeling down. This family can brighten anyone's mood! They did Vlogmas this year, so if you're new to the channel, I definitely recommend starting there...25 days of pure cuteness! 

2. Kalyn Nicholson

I mentioned in my Halloween costumes post that I was inspired by Kalyn's Wednesday Addams look, and that's not the only video of hers that has inspired me! Kalyn totally embodies the idea of a girlboss. She has her own lifestyle brand, Koze, AND she's a terrific writer, AND she's thinking of expanding into podcasts and more in 2018. Kalyn is seriously goals, is what I'm trying to say. I love all the videos she posts, whether they're her sit-down Coffee Talks, her Get Ready With Me posts, and ESPECIALLY her planning videos. If you're running low on inspiration and basically wish you had a perfect older sister with the cutest dog ever to give you some advice, check out Kalyn's channel!  

3. Patricia Bright

I only discovered Patricia this past summer, because I watched some of her business/entrepreneurship videos. Seriously, where has this girl been all my life?! I still love watching her more serious videos, but oh my goodness, she makes me laugh like nobody else on YouTube. One of my favorite series that Patricia does is when she orders a crazy number of products from fashion websites to see what the clothes really look like when they arrive. Her running commentary is just TOO good. I also love the videos where she and her husband shop for each other, because Patricia is the height of fashionable and her husband Michael...well, he tries!! 

4. Zoella

Ah yes, Zoe Sugg, one of the pioneers of the beauty guru movement on YouTube! I'm pretty sure that if you're into beauty/style, you've probably heard of her, but she remains a favorite of mine nonetheless! She's actually on my current favorite list because of her incredible Vlogmas; every year, she does a video a day throughout December, up until Christmas. And these are no ordinary vlogs! The shortest one this year was probably around the 15-minute mark, and more often than not, they're nearly 30 minutes long!! That's 30 minutes of terrific content of her and her boyfriend Alfie, their friends and family, and of course, their adorable pug Nala. I've started watching a Zoella Vlogmas video whenever I'm eating lunch at home alone, because it's like having lunch with a friend! 

5. Boho Berry

As you all know, my life has recently been taken over by the bullet journaling craze (hint hint, there may be a February Plan With Me in your future!). This is mostly thanks to Kara of Boho Berry, who can boast not only the most beautiful handwriting EVER, but also the greatest positive outlook and, to be honest, most soothing voice of all time. I'm making my way through her "One Month in My Bullet Journal" series, where she does exactly what it says on the tin; she takes her subscribers through her daily planning process every day for a month! Lately, I watch one video of hers every night before bed. It's so relaxing, and it gives me a ton of inspiration for my own bullet journal! 

6. Safiya Nygaard

Last but certainly not least is dynamo Safiya Nygaard. Formerly of Buzzfeed, most famously part of their Ladylike group, Safiya left Buzzfeed to pursue her own creative career on YouTube. I know this sounds cliche, but Safiya is seriously doing things no one else is doing on YouTube! Her fashion and makeup videos all perfectly straddle the line between extreme relatability and total weirdness, and that just makes her the coolest girl online right now, in my opinion! From blending all her nude lipsticks into one "Franken-nude" to wearing plastic jeans for a week to letting random mallgoers style her, Safiya is really redefining fashion/beauty content on YouTube by combining it seamlessly with comedy and, more often than not, some interesting history and social notes sprinkled throughout. What better way to get fashion education by watching her dress like it's the '70s for a week?! 

Who is YOUR favorite YouTuber? Let me know in the comments down below! 

Until next time ~ 

XOXO, Maria

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