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What's in My Purse?

What's in My Purse?

After Monday's blog post about the hottest bags of the season, I thought it was only appropriate to share what I actually carry around in my purse every day! 

0. The Purse! 

Picture this bag, but in black and white, and you'll get an idea of what I carry around day-to-day! I do love my Vera Bradley purses, and this one is big enough to fit everything I want to carry, without having to be a backpack (which I was carrying around for quite some time, and still do when I know I'll be waiting and want to bring a big book!). I also love that it's a magnetic closure. 

1. Bullet Journal

As y'all probably know, I'm pretty obsessed with my bullet journal. It's such a perfect combination of planner and journal that it makes it a great item to carry around in my purse -- whether I'm booking an appointment or just bored while waiting somewhere, it always comes in handy! Plus, because it has my to-do list, if I have some downtime while I'm out, I can go ahead and get some work done. 

2. Book of the Moment

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to read more books, and I'm currently reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. I've heard it recommended SO often that I finally bit the bullet and ordered it on Amazon! The best part about this individual book is that it's paperback, and fairly thin, so it doesn't weigh down my bag too much. That's not to say I never carry around hardback books, because I definitely do...sometimes you just gotta finish that chapter, you know?! 

3. Eyedrops

This may come as a surprise to anyone who's ever seen me interacting with my cat -- snuggling with her, touching noses, kissing her head, etc. -- but I'm actually a bit allergic!! More than a bit, actually...sometimes, getting cat dander in my eyes will turn me into Quasimodo from Hunchback of Notre Dame. You know what I mean, right...that one swollen eye...not a cute look. My eyes are just sensitive in general, so I always carry around eye drops with me in case they start feeling dry or itchy. 

4. Kleenex

Another staple in my purse is travel Kleenex! I used to carry around the regular travel packets, and I still do from time to time, but COME ON, how cute are these?! Plus, they carry just as many tissues while being slimmer. I'm a huge fan. I'm a pretty sneezy individual (remember, Deadly Cat Allergies....alright they're not THAT bad) and I'm also a very easy crier, especially at movies. I cried like, four separate times during The Last Jedi. Thank you, travel Kleenex, for enabling me to live my best easy-crier life!! 

5. Wallet

My wallet changes depending on the situation, but I'm currently carrying a Brighton wallet. It's pretty large -- like a clutch/envelope kind of size -- but I love that it can carry all my gift cards, receipts, and some cash, unfolded. I HATE giving a cashier a crumpled mess of bills. No thank you! When I'm traveling, I still carry that, but leave it in my backpack, safely underneath everything else, and just keep an ID wallet with my driver's license and other things at an easier reach. 

6. Sunglasses

I'm pretty sure these are the exact sunglasses I carry around with me all the time! I have to, because they're prescription lenses...when I drive at night, I obviously wear my regular glasses, but there's nothing worse than glare when you're driving, so if it's light at all I'll opt for these. They're super comfortable, and I actually like that they have a little bit of weight in them. I also carry a soft fabric case for them that matches my Vera Bradley purse, so they're protected and I can grab them quickly when I need them. 

7. Headphones

Lately, I've been using my headphones for two very specific purposes when I'm out and about. The first is when I'm at the mall, not to shop, but to get my 10K steps for the day -- I'll put on a podcast and just walk and listen! It makes the time zoom by, and at least at my local mall, I see quite a few people of all ages doing the same thing! The second is to practice on Duolingo. I got a few lessons done the other day while in a doctor's waiting room, and it's a good thing I had my headphones with me, because I don't think anyone else wanted to hear my lesson on French propositions. C'est la vie! 

8. Chapstick

This flavor of Chapstick is my all-time favorite! My mom got a pack of limited edition Chapstick flavors last holiday season (candy cane, pumpkin pie, and sugar cookie were in the pack) and this one has lasted me since then! It's soooo good, and really smells/tastes like sugar cookies. Need I say more?!

9. Hand Sanitizer

One of my favorite Bath & Body Works products (and I know, that's super hard to narrow down!) is their range of hand sanitizers. They've really branched out from just the scents they carry in soap, and I love them! During the holiday season, I was using a Winter Candy Apple one, but I have a nectarine-scented one called Running Late Is My Cardio that's my usual staple! Wow, I can't believe how relatable a bottle of hand sanitizer can really be. Good job, Bath & Body Works! 

10. Mario Badescu Rosewater Spray

Finally, the last thing that lives in my purse is my Mario Badescu rose facial spray. It's just so lovely and refreshing, and I can spritz it all over whether or not I'm wearing makeup! It also smells great, so if I spray it while I'm sitting in my car, my whole car smells like roses! It's so important to keep your face hydrated throughout the day, and while I could do the two-step process of sanitizing my hands and then applying lotion, this is such a great, easy way to add some moisture back to your skin. 

What's in your purse?! Tell me in the comments below! 

Until next time ~

XOXO, Maria

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