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Must-Have Layering Pieces

Must-Have Layering Pieces

When it's super cold out, the worst thing for a fashionista is to have to sacrifice style for warmth. No longer, my friends! I've compiled a list of my must-have layering pieces to ensure you're both toasty and the toast of the town this winter! 

1. Fleece Leggings

Fleece leggings are a fairly new discovery for me; when I lived in Washington, D.C. for four months a few years ago, they were absolute life-savers!! I love them because they don't add any unnecessary bulk, because they're nice and clingy like regular leggings, BUT they add soooo much warmth because of the fleece lining. Regular tights usually make me just feel colder; something about the material lets the wind cut right through, but not so with these. I totally recommend them, and if you can find them in a few different colors like the ones above, even better! 

2. Striped Shirt

These sailor-type shirts give you a little bit of French class no matter what you pair it with, but I'm a huge fan of putting a blazer and coat over when it's seriously cold. That was one of my looks in Boston this past November


The one I own is from Shein.com, and I love that it has elbow patches. It gives the shirt some personality, but it's still neutral enough that you can blend it with any number of other pieces for new outfits. 

3. Sweaterdress

There are a million different kinds of sweaterdresses out there, and they're great because you can layer under or over them, AND dress them up or down! Perhaps you could use a chunky, oversized sweater that wouldn't be dress-length on its own, but when coupled with a skirt in a similar color or leggings, works great! I also love a short-sleeved sweaterdress with a plain long-sleeved shirt underneath it. Finally, an argyle sweaterdress is such a pretty riff on a regular sweater! All these options will keep you nice and warm, and can be paired with flats or heavy boots during the day, and elevated with some heeled booties at night. 

4. Faux-Fur Vest

I love a good vest, and when I thrifted a J. Crew version, I was over the moon! Of course, you could always use a puffer vest, as well, but I think a faux-fur one makes the day-to-night transition much easier. You could either go for a neutral color, like black, cream, or the navy one I picked, or you could go for a crazy color! I've seen millenial pink ones that are soooo cute, BASICALLY another neutral because it matches everything, or even neon ones that will totally make you stand out in a crowd! 

5. Funky Sweater

The whole point of layering, in my opinion (other than, hello, STAYING WARM) is that as you take the layers off, each one is fashionable in its own right. Taking a buttoned-up jacket off and revealing a sweater like this? GOALS! I definitely don't have enough of these in my closet, as I tend to opt for more neutrals, but I'm on the hunt for some good ones (perhaps another thrifting post is in my future?!). The best part about these is they can be worn as the focal point of an outfit when it's a bit warmer, or buried beneath more layers when it's colder. 

How are you staying warm this winter?! 

Until next time ~

XOXO, Maria

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