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Plan With Me: January 2018

Plan With Me: January 2018

Even though I've known about the bullet journal craze for quite some time (and watched wayyyy too many video tutorials!) 2018 is the first year that I'm really trying my hand at a bullet journal of my very own. Check out my setups for January 2018! 

Cover Page


I always see other bullet journals with cute cover pages, and I wanted to try my hand at one! I thought that this little chick hatching from an egg was a great cover page for January, as it signified a fresh start. I also put in "And so the adventure begins..." at the top -- not quite sure where the quote is from, but I thought it was perfect for the beginning of the year. I didn't really bring the chick and egg back for the other spreads, but I did use the same blue Staedler Triplus Fineliner throughout the month. 

Month at a Glance


First up was my month-at-a-glance! I drew everything out with just my BIC Cristal Original ballpoint pen. There's quite a bit of ghosting in the Leuchtturm 1917 I'm using, so when I use a thinner pen, the ghosting is a little less! 

I drew over all my blog posts for the month, as well as my events and the birthdays I'm celebrating this month! I also started to write in some goals, but those may change throughout the month. 

Habit Tracker


This spread, as well as the next one, is pretty self-explanatory. I have a bunch of habits that I want to work on/track this month, so every night when I review the day/plan for the next day, I can go through and mark the ones I've completed! I boxed off certain days for my blog posts, because I'm on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule! At the end of the month, this may prove to be too many habits to track, but for now I'm happy with the setup :) 

January Gratitude Log


Again -- this one makes a lot of sense! I love the idea of using a bullet journal not only as a personalized planning tool, but also as a diary/scrapbook of sorts, so I can go back and see what had happened in previous months. One of the ways I want to do this is by completing a gratitude log every month. I think it will do wonders for my outlook on life if, every night, I remember a few things I'm grateful for from that day! 

Spending Log


Finally, my last January page is a spending log. One of my financial goals this year is to keep track of everything I spend, so I can make myself a realistic budget. A major component of this spread is the last column, which I've labeled "Cash/CC," to write if the money I spent was in cash or if I put it on my credit card. If I use one of the gift cards I received for Christmas, then I'll be sure to note that, too! 

Definitely let me know in the comments below if you're starting a bullet journal this year! I can't wait to see what 2018 brings :) 

Until next time ~

XOXO, Maria 


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