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Totally TOMs: Warehouse Sale Haul!!

Totally TOMs: Warehouse Sale Haul!!

Once a year, popular fashion retailer TOMs sets off across the continental United States with overstock, products that didn’t do as well in stores as hoped, and sometimes products that were barely released to stores at all – in other words, a shoelover’s holy grail.

Much akin to a sample sale, the TOMs Warehouse Sale draws shoppers from far and wide to come peruse the tall piles of shoes, bags, and eyewear. My mom, who actually didn't get to attend the sale last year so was totally dying to go this year, declared the 2017 Warehouse Sale’s lines to be the worst ever, including “customs, Disney World, and the DMV.” Of course, she managed to stick it out. She’s a trooper.

This year, the Dallas Warehouse Sale was held in Fair Park, starting on June 30. The sale continues until July 4, so if anyone’s in the DFW area for the holiday long weekend and you need some summer shoes, you might consider taking TOMs up on this opportunity! Prices will change throughout the weekend, but they start at about 50% off retail price. 

As someone who has never actually owned a pair of TOMs (until now…LOL) and just scammed my mom’s whenever she wasn’t using them, I stayed home as to not slow my mom down. When she’s on a shopping mission, it’s best not to get in her way! But I did get to text with her during the sale as she sent me pictures of possible buys, and of course she snapped up a couple (okay, four) pairs for me. Thanks Mom!!!


What a beautiful sight, am I right? Six brand-new TOMs, lovingly handpicked by a TOMs expert, and totally curated to our personal styles. That might be my favorite result from the sale; because there are so many choices (at discounted prices, nonetheless!) there’s lots of opportunity to get some TOMs that either slot right into your wardrobe, or are fashion risks, without it being an actual investment.

So without further ado – let’s get to the haul!

First up: the floral TOMs.


You may think that my mom picked up one of each color so we could each have a pair of rose-studded shoes, right? Wrong. Maybe it’s graduating from a school whose mascot is the daisy, or having “rose” in my name (kind of), or even some kind of weird reverse psychology from my springtime allergies, I LOVE FLORALS. A day when I don’t have some sort of floral pattern on is a strange one, so these are perfect.

I might say this about every single pair, but these seriously may be my favorite – starting off strong in this post!! I love that the background is neutral, allowing me to take a break from the floral shirts/jackets/shorts/pants/etc. and stick to some more basic pieces, with a pop of personality at my feet. Black is perfect and a popular shoe choice anyway, because they show dirt so infrequently, plus I tend to wear a lot of darker colors so these shoes will be getting a lot of use. They’re the only shoes from this haul that I packed for my two weeks in Florida, so look out for some OOTDs featuring these babies!


Onto the beige ones – I LOVE that they’re not stark white. The whole Dirt Factor is part of that, though once you remove the lining, TOMs are washable, so a little bit of mud will come right out in the wash. I just like the personality that beige has versus white. It’s just a little bit of color and interest, which is awesome. Plus, the more a print looks like it could double as the upholstery on an old lady’s couch, the more I like it. #grandmaatheart


Finally, one last touch that totally sold me on these, even though I didn’t see it until my mom brought them home: the writing on the sides. I’m a total Francophile, so any item of clothing with some French words splashed across it is a winner for me, even if I have to painstakingly type the phrase into WordReference or ask my French teacher what it means. I’m guilty of doing a quick Google in a Forever 21 dressing room; sue me. ANYWAY, apart from the fact that it’s in French, the actual message of the words absolutely warms my heart. Life IS beautiful. La vie EST belle!!! Such a wonderful statement to live by, but especially great in the summer, when all the pretty scenery really makes you appreciate that life is good.


See? These might be my favorites, and they’re the first two I’m talking about. I’d try to be tougher on my ratings, but the floral twins have some stiff competition from this next pair.


Are those…the Democrat donkeys? You may wonder. Why yes. Yes they are.

At the risk of being “too political,” blah blah blah… I FREAKIN’ LOVE THESE SHOES!!! How cute and patriotic, especially the awesome message on the inside lining.


My friends will say that I’m a totally geeky politico, so when my mom found these, I immediately loved them. Fashion-wise, though, I wasn’t sure I would really get a chance to wear them, and didn’t want to come off as tacky/annoying/etc. when wearing them to an event that really didn’t call for it (although like…where CAN’T you wear TOMs? So wearable. So clever). But my mom, always looking out for me, was like, I’m getting them for you anyway. THANK YOU. I can’t wait to wear these to any and all political things I attend in the future. Catch me at important meetings in a pantsuit and these TOMs. Walkability, people!

Speaking of my lovely mom, let’s move on to one of her picks!


The only heeled selection in the bunch, these chambray espadrilles are so drool-worthy I can’t even explain. What shoe do you picture when you think of the beach, and summer, and COMFY FASHION? Not a flip flop (the fashionable ones are rarely comfortable, IMO). Not a bootie (can you say FOOT SWEAT?). Oh no. You say: THE ESPADRILLE!!

This may be the Latina in me, but I just think espadrilles are the perfect shoes. They’re comfortable not only because of the wedge heel, but because of the material as well – soft fabric that still gives you support, and nearly bouncy heels from the cork/rope combination. Chambray is also one of my favorite summer fabrics, with its easy-breezy cool-girl vibe, yet paired with the elevated heel it’s so, so classy. Good pick, Mama ThriveWithStyle!!

And now, in a total 180 degree turn from ~summer fun,~ let’s discuss those two pairs on top.


Did YOU know TOMs made winter shoes complete with Ugg-level fluff on the inside? I did not, but oh boy, are my toes gonna be toasty this winter!!

My mom and I both got grey pairs of the winter TOMs, though the art (because honestly, I consider TOMs to be tiny, philanthropic, pounding-the-ground works of art) on each is totally different.

Let’s start with mine. Oh boy. Again…maybe my favorite shoes…not even of this haul but EVER. First of all: so cozy. I don’t know if it’s poor circulation or something, but my feet are forever chilly, and I’m too much of a klutz to wear fuzzy socks when I’m walking around, much as I’d like to. Thus, these shoes solve that problem for me! Plus, as a December baby, I go ALL OUT for the Christmas season, and these shoes can help everyone figure out how much I love the holidays, if they couldn’t tell from my reindeer headband, ELF t-shirt, ugly sweater, and Santa sweatpants. I know, I’m the queen of subtlety. But seriously, aren’t these Christmas light TOMs just the cutest?? Wow. I wish it was Christmas right now so I could break these out. On second thought…Christmas in July, anyone?


Onto my mom’s winter TOMs – hers are a little more refined, I think, a little glitzier and more glamorous (so basically…my mom as a TOM shoe). The background is a medium grey, and there’s silver detailing all over the shoe. I told her when I first saw them that they kind of made me think of the It’s a Small World at Disney, one of my all-time favorites (even though I dropped a Cinderella pen in the water when I was like five. RIP, Cinderella pen). Apart from the silver zigzags all over the shoes, there are lots of little peace signs with tiny stick figure people all around – that’s the Small World part for me! Plus, harkening to TOMs’ mission statement, the words “GIVING IS THE FUTURE” are written all over. Seriously such a beautiful product.

And that’s what I think is really the best part of TOMs as a whole. Obviously, yes, they are cute, comfortable shoes that come in so many styles and patterns that it’s a little scary. But at the heart of it, the TOMs company is one that focuses on giving back and making the world a better place, and that’s why waiting in these crazy lines is so, so worth it.


If you want to treat your feet, and also support that great cause, the TOMs DFW Warehouse Sale is on until July 4. More information, including hours, can be found on their website.

See y’all tomorrow for our regularly scheduled blog post!

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