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Launching Local Artists at West Elm Plano

Launching Local Artists at West Elm Plano

When people talk about their TV guilty pleasures, they usually pull examples from reality TV (usually it's stuff I've never seen, like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Bachelor, Big Brother, etc.). Mine, though? I. Love. HGTV. So. Much. Property Brothers? Fixer Upper (North Texas shoutouts!!)? House Hunters? House Hunters International? House Hunters: Millionaires? House Hunters: OUTER SPACE? Yeah. Sign me up for all that. Let me just say it...Interior design is SO, SO COOL. 

So when I heard that my local West Elm was having a launch party to celebrate some of our local artists here in the DFW area, I was immediately interested. This West Elm is in Legacy West, a brand new shopping center here in Plano that offers walkable city charm with the stores that we need here in suburbia, including the uber cool furniture/decoration store. If you’ve never heard of West Elm, here’s their website; if you’re in the market for any new room décor, I’d definitely set yourself a limit because it’s really easy to redesign your WHOLE HOUSE just based on their gorgeous items. Everything in West Elm is a statement piece, and that’s what I love about it – there’s nothing boring, nothing bland. Everything has personality, and by mixing and matching their different pieces, you can really show your personality through your home. 

And nothing, to me, has more personality when it comes to interior design than artisan-made, well, ART. Something produced by a PERSON, and not a company, just slots into a home so much better, I think. I mean, it’s PEOPLE who live there (although, if you work from home, companies may live there too…hmm. Anyway, the people inhabitants get the final vote, sorry companies.).

The first artist I talked to was Savanna Dzebic, the gorgeous inside-and-out creator of My Blue Avenue. Savanna is such a sweetheart and really made me feel at home amongst these super talented artists, while I am just a gremlin with a camera. Plus, her work? AMAZING. She makes custom gold foil prints, which are so beyond in right now. She also does silver and, of course, rose gold…have no fear, fellow millennials…I definitely let out a sigh of relief when she said she did rose gold too. Though the products in Savanna’s line immediately bring a smile to a customer’s face, My Blue Avenue actually came from a sad place. After her mom passed away, Savanna was looking for a creative outlet to honor her mom, and it’s clear that her mother’s spirit is present in every piece of glowing, sparkling art Savanna makes.

Like many of the other artists at the launch, Savanna’s artwork focuses on the concept of home. I don’t know many people with more state pride than us Texans, and I can absolutely see myself hanging one of her Texas prints in my dorm room next year. Shoutout to all my UT/A&M/SMU (XOXO)/TCU/UTD/UNT/ETC KIDS….check Savanna out, for real. What better way to elevate yourself over all those FOOLS who only looked in MICHAEL’S and TARGET for their decorating needs, than to pick out a totally custom piece of art! I mean, you can probably even ask her to write “I love cheese” in foil. Anything can be art, y’all. Here are a couple of pics of some of the pieces she brought to the pop-up:

The second artist I talked to in depth was Lil Smith+Kirkley of Lilco Design + Letterpress Studio. Um, first of all, can you say GOALS? Lil is just that kind of badass woman we all secretly (or not so secretly...) want to be. After studying art extensively in high school and college, Lil turned her successful graphic design business into something more personal for her to continue exploring art. Her prints really made me glad I wasn’t leaving Texas for good anytime soon, because they’re basically the visual representation of Home on the Range, filling you with longing for the Southwest and basically making your heart shine like the sun. I know this seems dramatic. But y’all. Look at this.


Lil is so cool, and so is her artwork. Just hearing her process of how she prints exhausted me, but it’s so cool to hear the actual labor that goes into such beautiful pieces of art. She uses a wood press, and has to print each color individually, perfectly lining up the slides so that the finished product is, well, THAT.


Come on.

Though there were many other artists featured at the launch party, I didn’t get to talk to them as extensively, and like all good art, theirs speaks for itself! So I’m going to put a slideshow of some of the photos I took, with the artist’ bios preceding their work.

Many, many thanks to Plano West Elm for such a cool event! Seriously, if y’all have any interest in having a totally bomb living space, check them out, especially their collaborations with local artists.

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