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2017 In Review

2017 In Review

As we approach the New Year, I wanted to take a look back on everything that happened in 2017 -- or, SOME things, at least! Here's my Year in Review to prepare for 2018. 


2017 started fairly slow for me. I was pretty sick for the latter half of 2016, and the entirety of 2017 -- hopefully 2018 will take a turn for the better! I missed more school than I would have liked this month, but I also got to do something incredible for school, and present at my first academic conference! My paper on Frankenstein was so fun to write, and it was even more fun to answer questions. It also helped solidify my hope to go into teaching! During January, I also heard back from several colleges (not the one I chose to go to -- I'd heard from them in December 2016, funnily enough!). 


Several major events happened in February -- at the beginning of the month, I had minor surgery, and started a long sabbatical from school to recover. In better news, though, I heard that I had been invited to interview for Southern Methodist University's President's Scholarship -- a full scholarship and a huge honor, even to be asked for an interview! I also attended my final Winter Formal of high school, a Versailles-themed bash that was SOOOO fun. I wore this beautiful Modcloth dress that I'm still obsessed with! It was the first time I went to a high school dance that my brother went to, too (he was a freshman last year) and it was so fun to take pictures with him!



In March, I went to that scholarship interview, even though I felt dreadful the entire time. I actually enjoyed myself despite that, and left feeling pretty good about myself, regardless of the outcome! Plus, I got to meet some current students and some graduates, which gave me a better feel for SMU as a whole. For spring break, my mom and I went to stay with my aunt in Florida, skipping out on an ill-fated New York venture. It seriously helped me recognize when that I felt uncomfortable with something, I could just say no to it. I came back to Dallas relaxed and refreshed, and enjoyed the rest of the month with my friends, before getting some incredible news at the end of the month -- I had received the President's Scholarship! 


April kicked off with a few super fun Stars hockey games, including getting to see my favorite player score his first-ever goal! I went to my first few graduation parties, as well as my last school newspaper party. And then, of course, WAS PROM. 


I've never had as much fun at a school dance as I had at prom -- to be fair, I think part of that is that I was on the prom committee and got to plan a lot of it, but it was just such an incredible experience, being with all my friends! 


May kicked off with my graduation tea, which was such a lovely experience -- I was with some of my favorite people, literally drinking tea and eating crumpets. COME ON. 


May also brought my final high school classes -- so bittersweet!! -- and a few Hockaday traditions. We had Senior Splash Day (we all decorate our school skirts with the colors of our college and run around with water guns all day), we got our final yearbooks, and of course....graduation happened. 



In June, I started my internship -- I worked in the Hockaday development office -- and had so much fun!! I got to work with several other recent graduates, and it was nice to have a transition out of school. Toward the end of June, my dad and I went up to Chicago for the NHL draft -- and Thrive With Style was born!! Check out my first-ever blog post for a blast from the past :') 


In July, we were back to Florida, this time to see my parents' old stomping grounds at the University of Florida. After Gainesville, we headed to Tampa to see my dad's family and have some amazing Greek food! Then, back to Miami to spend time with my mom's family. We had our usual amounts of fun, for sure, but a fun extra was that my aunt arranged a surprise birthday party for my mom at a Marlins game! 


I had another graduation party/birthday party to go to, which was a great time to see my friends before many left for orientation! 


August was pretty quiet -- I spent more time with my best friends before they left for their first semester of college, and I started at a retail job! That's really all that happened, LOL. A nice quiet month! 


September started with some antiquing with my dad (always fun!!), more retail work, and then, Stylecon Dallas!! I had such a blast getting to meet some of my favorite influencers and snap up some new products at this event. 


Then, it was back to Florida (I know, I know, am I ever NOT in Florida!). I got to go to my first-ever Panthers hockey game, and my aunt surprised me with a quick trip to Disney for Epcot's Food and Wine Festival -- AND we got tickets to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, to boot! What an epic 24 hours. 


In October, I ramped up my Poshmark work, which is still one of my favorite past-times! I also went to Washington, D.C., for my semester school's Homecoming. This is one of my favorite events all year -- it's just my second year getting to go back as an alum, and it's honestly such a treat. Then I came back home, did more work on the blog, and handed out candy on Halloween -- and definitely ate more than my fair share! Whoops! 


I started November by heading to Boston for a long weekend (check out my blog post here!). I absolutely love Boston -- for a long time, I was convinced I'd be going to college there! -- but I know now that there's no way I could've handled the cold! My aunt and grandmother came to town for Thanksgiving, and we had so much fun while they were here. We binge-watched Downton Abbey, shopped on Black Friday, and my aunt even joined my mom and I to participate in our first-ever Turkey Trot! 



At the very end of November/beginning of December, my mom and I headed to, you guessed it, Florida. We had a memorial service for my Abuelo to mark one year since his passing, and it was really heartwarming to remember all the good times we'd had with him! A few days later, I turned nineteen and cleaned my closet like a fiend. Then my dad and I went to a Stars game for my birthday (we lost in overtime, but it was against my second-favorite team, and it was SO. FUN.). And then...it was Christmas!! Christmas is seriously my favorite day, and it's always such a beautiful way to finish the year. 

So there you have it! 2017, wrapped up in one blog post. It's been a year of incredible lows and incredible highs. I can only hope for the best in 2018 -- and I hope that y'all have the best 2018s, too!! 

Until next time ~

XOXO, Maria 


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