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How I Organized My Wardrobe

How I Organized My Wardrobe

As I'm sure y'all know by now, I love clothes. While I do equally enjoy window-shopping to, well, ACTUAL shopping, my wardrobe had always been full to bursting. I recently set aside a few days to focus on decluttering and reorganizing my wardrobe, and I wanted to share my process with you all! 


The first task I tackled was reorganizing my chest of drawers. I have four drawers to deal with, plus another four under my bed -- the upside is lots of storage space, the downside is I feel obligated to fill everything! 

I ended up keeping my underwear on the top drawer (no need for lots of explanation here, LOL), and separated my t-shirts into two separate drawers. Here, in the second-from-the-top drawer, I folded my regular t-shirts with the KonMari method, then color-coded them -- that's definitely a theme you'll see often throughout this post! 

The next drawer was for tank tops and long-sleeve t-shirts. I'm not sure if I followed the KonMari method on this one, but I made sure they could all stand up on their own, which is a tenet of KonMari! Separating my casual/workout tops into two drawers accomplished multiple things: for one, it made the drawers much less congested. For another, it allowed me to save some room in my closet, where I had previously been hanging my long-sleeved t-shirts. 

The final drawer, closest to the floor, had already been for my shorts/leggings/workout pants, so I just re-folded those (I rolled some to make more room!), and one of the drawers under my bed stayed in use holding my pajamas. Onto the next step! 


My closet was the real nightmare of it all...I had procrastinated going through and cleaning it for a LONG time. But ALAS, it was time to begin! 

The best thing I did for my sanity was to go through everything first and cull the things that didn't bring me joy. Again, that's something I learned from researching KonMari before I got started! It's such a great method of narrowing anything down -- your closet, your bookcase, your schedule. If it doesn't make you happy, kick it to the curb! 

You can find many of my pre-loved pieces (and quite a few that are still new with tags!) on my Poshmark account

Once I had successfully completed that step, it was time to reorganize. In my closet, there are three clothing racks -- one tall one on the left, and then two on the right, each half the height of the first one. 

Let's start with the left side. I had always kept dresses/longer pieces there so that they wouldn't drag on the floor or cover any of the other clothes. A quick sort helped me to figure out different categories, and I arranged them in this order: winter dresses (because I did this in the wintertime, I wanted those to be most accessible!), jumpsuits/rompers, bodysuits, pants, summer dresses. Now, you might be thinking, that's an odd place for pants! It's hard to reach! YES. I'm not someone who wears a lot of formal pants (skirts and dresses are my go-tos if I'm not in workout gear or leggings, which were easy to find in my drawer). The important thing is to suit your closet to your needs. If you work a 9-5 and need to get to your professional garb first, put those toward the front of your closet! If you're a workout junkie, make sure your athletic clothing is in a convenient location. 

So, with my pants separating my dresses (all these categories were, of course, color coded...), I turned to the right side of my closet to start with the tops, skirts, and jackets. I have always had a TON of tops and jackets, so it was really helpful to go through them and pick the ones I actually wore and loved, or hadn't worn yet but really wanted to. 

First was the sorting. For my tops, I separated them into more casual, day-to-day shirts, and then more professional ones. Then I arranged them by sleeve length (sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve), and...you guessed it...color coordinated them! I put my casual shirts closest to the door -- as of right now, they occupy much more of a spot in my life than professional shirts! Those were relegated toward the back. Separating the two were my skirts! 

Finally, the bottom rack was for my outerwear. I have a TON of sweatshirts (perks of being a student!) so those went at the front, because I wear those both at home and out and about. Of course, color coordinating ensued. Then came my zip-up jackets. 

Wow! Just typing all that tired me out. I definitely remember why I made sure to set aside several DAYS for this task, LOL. 

Next Steps! 

For Me...

I have a few key items left to do when it comes to my wardrobe! One area I need to work on is shoes. Like many of you, I am guilty of buying wayyyy too many shoes!! I definitely need to sort through the ones I wear and don't wear, and probably find some good storage for the shoes I like but aren't seasonally appropriate. 

Another area is my purses! I love purses even more than I love shoes, okay. Purses never give you blisters!! That's a major point in their favor, in my opinion! I need to do the same thing with purses as I need to do with shoes...cull the ones I don't love, store the ones I do!

...and You!

I need your help, dear readers! Let me know how you think I should store my shoes/purses, for one thing. SOS! 

And second -- tag me in photos of YOUR newly reorganized closets or drawers, either on Twitter or Instagram! I'd love to see how y'all take on this challenge :) 

Until next time ~ 

XOXO, Maria 

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