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Staying Fit Over the Holidays!

Staying Fit Over the Holidays!

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Just Strong Clothing -- use the code MKATSULOS10 to get 10% off!!!! All opinions are my own.

By the time the holidays roll around, fitness is usually at the back of everyone's minds. Depending on where you are, it might be too cold out to pursue your regular forms of exercise, and regardless of the temperature, hanging out with friends and family or becoming a total couch potato and eating all the treats that come with December seems like a WAY better option. In this post, I've compiled a few tips for staying fit over the holidays! 

1. Stay Hydrated

When you're not actively working out, or starting to sweat as soon as you think about walking outside (i.e., TEXAS SUMMER), you can sometime forget how important hydration really is. In the wintertime, though, the air can become dryer, dehydrating you without you even knowing it! Plus, going from the cold outdoors into buildings blasted full of warm air can zap your skin of hydration. 

To keep yourself looking and feeling your best during the winter months, staying hydrated is key! It'll also help stave off any colds that are going around. One great way to add to this in particular is by drinking hot lemon water in the morning. Apart from boosting your immune system, the citrus flavor will help wake you up, and this can be a healthy alternative to coffee if you love starting off your day with a hot drink. 

2. Add Exercise Into Your Daily Tasks/Events

Sometimes, cliches are cliches for a reason -- because they're true! Some examples include the benefits of taking the stairs instead of the elevator/parking farther away than normal/standing at your desk while working. During the holiday season, when your schedule is full to the brim, sometimes sliding a little bit of exercise into your day is all you really need. 

Plus, this will help you put the tragic parking situation every time you go shopping in a little bit of a better perspective! Win win! 

3. Dress For Success

I can't be the only one in love with the fact that athleisure is sticking around, RIGHT? It's so great to have leggings and other workout gear be filed under #fashion now. My friends over at Just Strong Clothing have some fantastic options, like my HUSTLE FOR THE MUSCLE tank top! 


When you put on workout clothes first thing, or make sure your gym bag is packed the night before, you basically trick your mind into saying, I'm ready to work out! Even if you really wish you were still warm in bed...

4. Stir In Some Fun

Watching a football game with the family? Maybe you're all addressing thank-you notes together, or playing board games, or cleaning up...whatever it is, taking a stretch break every half an hour can do wonders for your focus and your body. It'll also keep Grinchiness at bay. 

If you want to substitute "dance break" for "stretch break," more power to you!! 

5a and 5b: Gifts For Others...And Yourself

My brother actually inspired the first half of this tip! He knows my mom has recently been getting really into fitness, and so he paid for a month of her gym membership for Christmas. Awww. This is a great way to show support for a loved one who is just starting their workout journey, and it's also great for the experienced pro! 

Plus, with all the "STUFF" people can rack up nowadays, giving others experiences (like a spin class or a hiking excursion) is a great option. As for the second half of this tip, getting two tickets/passes/classes/whatever is great because then you two can have some fitness fun together! 

Until next time~

XOXO, Maria 

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