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How To Be A Successful Poshmark User!

How To Be A Successful Poshmark User!

Last week, I became a Poshmark Ambassador, so to celebrate, I wanted to help any of you who are interested in joining this fantastic Poshmark community! I've compiled a list of tips to help you start bringing in those sales, finding great purchases of your own, and just generally having an amazing time on this great app! 

If you'd like a $5 credit on this app, use my code MKATS19 when you sign up here! And go ahead and check out my closet as well if you'd like ;) 

Selling Tips: 

1. Make a Template With Necessary Information

One of the best things I've done for my listing efficacy is making a template. For example, a big batch of listings I did in December was all t-shirts, so I knew that I would need the chest, sleeve, neck, and length measurements! If you're selling a bunch of jeans, making a template that includes inseam/outseam, rise, and waist is going to be what you need. 

It always boggles my mind that people buy clothes on Poshmark without knowing the measurements! Different brands' sizes can absolutely differ, especially when the sizing is only marked by Small, Medium, or Large. Having a list of accurate measurements can be really valuable, so you can compare those measurements to a piece of clothing you already own. It's the next best thing to trying the piece on! 

2. Share and Follow Like CRAZY

In talking to other Poshmark users, both new to the app and old hats at selling on Posh, they often say that at the beginning of their Posh journey, they didn't realize they should be sharing their own items. ABSOLUTELY DO THIS!! Obviously you should share items from your feed, as its common Posh courtesy to share back in return, meaning that your items will end up on many more feeds throughout the app. However, there's a lot of benefit to sharing your own items, as well! It reminds people what great stock you have in your closet :) 

Likewise, following in sprees will often earn you follows in return. My best tip for this is to go into a Posh Party (online gatherings where you can only share specific brands/types of items/new with tags items/etc.) and follow the hosts, as WELL as everyone who follows them! These users are usually super popular, and can have hundreds of thousands, if not MILLIONS, of followers! One of the many fantastic things about Poshmark is how user-friendly it is -- a bonus of this means that you can be clicking away at users to follow while listening to a podcast or watching some TV! 

Buying Tips

3. Accept On Time

If it's at all possible for you, accepting your package as soon as you get it is so great for the buyer, because then the money is released to them right away! Also, you won't get a bunch of notifications asking you to accept it. 

One of the things I really love about Poshmark is how the community really cares about the presentation of the packages. It's like your birthday whenever you have a Posh package in the mail, because you know it's going to be beautifully wrapped and include a little note or card. Sometimes, people even throw in freebies! You can thank them with the next tip.

4. Leave Love Notes

One of the necessities for becoming a Posh Ambassador is leaving at least one love note, which is great -- it's like I said before, the community is SO great and genuine. A great way to show a seller how much you appreciate them is to not only give them a 5-star rating, but also to leave a little comment, or Love Note! Believe me, the few times I've received them have made my whole day. It's amazing to have someone appreciate your work!! 

And Most Importantly -- Have Fun!! 

Poshmark, unlike other clothes-selling apps like eBay or Amazon, is truly community-based. Picture a neighborhood garage sale, or something like that, and you'll get a good picture of the nature of Poshmark! Whether you're just trying to clean out your closet like me, or you're hoping to become a full-time reseller, it's totally possible to achieve your goals on Poshmark AND make friends at the same time! 

Until next time ~

XOXO, Maria 

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