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5 Holiday Must-Haves!

5 Holiday Must-Haves!

Even though the temperatures here in Dallas don't quite show it, the holiday season is in full swing! Whatever holiday you celebrate, try out these five products that have become holiday must-haves for me this season. 

1. Bath & Body Works Winter Sage Candle


I only recently discovered this candle, at the B&BW candle sale a few weeks ago! To start, I love the packaging. It's definitely nice and neutral, but with the sort of woodsy vibe that the candle itself has. Because this candle has essential oils in it, the scent is really strong, and it fills any room its in. I love the scent, and its a perfect gift for anyone on your list! 

2. Celestial Seasonings Peppermint Tea


I'm always a fan of mint teas, but this one just SCREAMS holidays to me! I know Celestial has a Candy Cane Lane tea, but I haven't tried this one -- this regular peppermint one is what I drink every morning. Even though it's decaf, the flavor of the tea is a great wake-up call, especially on chilly days. I drink it straight, and even when I forget about it (as I'm wont to do!) it tastes great cold. 

3. Vera Bradley Cozy Slippers


The first time I saw these adorable slippers, I was in Boston (check out my Weekend In My Life to see all the photos!), and I actually bought some cute socks instead. But on Black Friday, I had no excuse to leave them alone, and especially for someone who usually sticks to bare feet at home, these slippers are AWESOME. Their name is accurate, they're very cozy, and they're soooo cute to boot. The little kissing penguins, WOW. 

4. Christmas Peaceful Piano Playlist on Spotify


As much as I love the Christmas Pop playlist with its copious amounts of Mariah Carey, Michael Bublé, and my personal favorite, Ariana Grande, this instrumental mix is classic for me. I use it all the time, from when I'm driving in traffic to keep me calm to when I'm working on my laptop at night. It's simultaneously extremely chill and also gets you right into the Christmas mood, which to be honest I'm in since November 1! 

5. Winter Candy Apple Super Soft Body Butter


Winter Candy Apple is my ultimate Bath and Body Works holiday scent. I pick up a bottle of shower gel every year that lasts me the whole holiday season, and it's such a classic to me! This year, the Black Friday bag had this lotion in it. I put it on every night (I must admit, I've been inspired by the ladies on Downton Abbey), which is a pretty good habit, now that I think about it. Even if the warm weather sticks around in Dallas, the frequent ups and downs of the temperature isn't great for the skin, so thank you, Winter Candy Apple!! 

Until next time~

XOXO, Maria 


Disclaimer: Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase a product through that link, I can earn money. I only recommend products that I really love, and if y'all decide to purchase them, I hope you love them too! :) 

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