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5 DIY Girlboss Costumes!

5 DIY Girlboss Costumes!

Ah, Halloween. As much as I love all the festivities of December, that's still a long way off, and Halloween is TOMORROW, which automatically makes it my favorite holiday for the moment :) 

If you're like me and like to wait until the last minute to throw together a costume, stay tuned! Here are 5 girlboss costumes you can throw together with pieces from your closet. 

1. Wednesday Addams 

This post was actually inspired by this video by Kalyn Nicholson, and her transformation into Wednesday was so great that I wanted to try it out myself. Hopefully, I came close!


For this costume, I just wore a plain white button-down under a black sleeveless dress. I put my wet hair into two braids with Wednesday's iconic sidepart, and voila! As for the makeup, I did my best to recreate what Kalyn did in her video. 


I followed Kalyn's tutorial, from the intense smoky eye that went into the inner corners for more of a tired/dead look and some faux freckles! I topped it off with some Nyx Suede Creme Lipstick in Stone Fox. Thanks Kalyn for the inspiration!!! 

Next up, another costume that used that same white shirt: Blair Waldorf. 


Blair is one of my all-time favorite fictional characters, and I did my best to convey the ugh, Serena's at it again vibe she basically always has. Speaking of, if you've got some friends who also love Gossip Girl, this could be a great group costume! I wore a plaid skirt and a tie (which I tied myself...pretty proud!) and of course, added the most over-the-top headband I own. 

Finally, one more white-shirt costume (see how easily you can use your own clothes for cute costumes?)...Mary Poppins!!


I wore a plain black skirt with a blue coat and scarf, bobby-pinned a fake flower to a winter hat, and carried a large bag and an umbrella. If I do say so myself, this costume is pretty supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (sorry!). 

The next costume actually inspired my mom's Halloween getup this year, and it was totally fun to test-drive this look -- Rosie the Riveter! 


All this costume needs is a denim shirt, some jeans, and the iconic polka dot handkerchief in the hair -- we got this one at Walmart for just a few dollars!


As for the makeup, I did a red lip, but that's totally optional...one thing I would recommend is going heavy on the highlight, because you're going to be taking a lot of photos from the side in that iconic pose! 

And last but not least, one last costume that made me laugh. Much like, well, everyone else on this list, this woman is a style icon of mine. 


Any blue dress and big ring can be a great recreation of her engagement look! I added this tiara from Party City for a little extra oomph. If you wanted to go the extra mile (or were just, you know, pregnant) you could totally add something for a baby bump for the next royal baby! 

There you have it -- five DIY girlboss costumes that you can pull out of your closet Halloween morning, if you're so inclined!

Until next time~

XOXO, Maria

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