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My First Vision Board!

My First Vision Board!

For quite a while now, I've been thinking about making a physical vision board -- not just a Pinterest board or anything like that, but spending a few hours cutting out pictures and phrases that speak to me from magazines, and then putting them down on paper. Here is the result of my first-ever vision board!! 

I started with just a few simple supplies. I used plain white 8x11 cardstock, some scissors, and a gluestick.


If you want to make your vision board larger, that's totally fine; I went with a standard-sized piece of paper both because I wanted to easily display the vision board on my desk, and because this vision board was for Thrive With Style, and I would be making another vision board for my personal life (stay tuned for that on my Instagram!).

Next, I grabbed a stack of magazines in my office that were destined for Half Price Books.


It's definitely important to get a variety of images/phrases, but you don't need to use as many magazines as I used! You can even use junk mail or catalogs if they have nice photos that speak to you, and usually, advertisements can be pretty motivating if you use them right! 

Next, I spent a good chunk of time leafing through the magazines, ripping out pages I liked and cutting out smaller images. I'm pretty sure I'll be finding little clippings everywhere for quite some time...


And at last, it was finished!! Here's the completed project, and I'll put some bullet points beneath with why I chose certain cutouts. 

  • A lot of the text is probably self-explanatory -- just inspirational phrases that were perfect for my blog! 
  • The flower power text, as well as the wreath and yellow flower, are all branding ideas for Thrive With Style. I always think of "thrive" as being green, if words had colors, and I like the idea of a lot of greenery/leafy plants all over the site/my Instagram/etc.!
  • The pumpkin and butterfly (which was originally in an advertisement with the yellow flower!) were so perfect for fall, I couldn't pass them up! 
  • The racecar made of cash...well, it's FUNNY. And on the one hand, I hope to grow my blog, and on the other, I hope to do it FAST! 
  • I also made sure to focus on keeping some white space and not totally overwhelming my paper. I didn't do that as much for my personal vision board, but for a professional, goal-oriented one, I think it's important to keep that balance! 

I really enjoyed making my first vision board(s)! Comment below if you've ever made one -- I seriously think this may be a new hobby for me. 

Until next time ~ 

XOXO, Maria

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