My Ideal Christmas Day

I thought I'd draw myself up an ideal schedule for Christmas -- much like Buddy the Elf's "First we'll make snow angels for two hours, then we'll go ice skating, then we'll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookie Dough as fast as we can, and then we'll snuggle!" Here's my version of the Ideal Christmas Day. Enjoy! 

How To Be A Successful Poshmark User!

Last week, I became a Poshmark Ambassador, so to celebrate, I wanted to help any of you who are interested in joining this fantastic Poshmark community! I've compiled a list of tips to help you start bringing in those sales, finding great purchases of your own, and just generally having an amazing time on this great app! 

Weekend In My Life: Boston!

To truly kick my November off with the most FALL bang possible, yours truly found herself in Boston for four days, by turns totally enjoying and...really, truly hating the frigid temperatures. Regardless, I had a great time this weekend, and I wanted to detail my experience here on the blog! 

My First Vision Board!

For quite a while now, I've been thinking about making a physical vision board -- not just a Pinterest board or anything like that, but spending a few hours cutting out pictures and phrases that speak to me from magazines, and then putting them down on paper. Here is the result of my first-ever vision board!! 

Lipstick Haul!

I have a couple beauty products that are my must-haves, like my brow pencil or dry shampoo (honestly a lifesaver), but I’ve never really been a fan of lipstick. Recently, though, they’ve started piquing my interest. I’ve added some new lipsticks to my collection, so I figured I’d share them with you!