International Women's Day

Yesterday (March 8) was International Women's Day! To celebrate some of the incredible contributions women make to the world every single day, I wanted to write a post that's a little different than my regular lifestyle posts, thanking some of the women in my life. I won't be using any names to preserve privacy, but y'all know who you are ;)

My Favorite Apps (Spring 2018)

I know this should have been obvious for years, but I've really only noticed how much I use my phone since the battery has started to give out on me. I've resorted to leaving it on airplane mode most of the time in a desperate attempt to conserve power, but it hasn't really helped (come on, Apple!!!). Regardless -- as soon as my battery is fixed, I know I'll be right back to using these five apps all the time!!

March 2018 Goals

As we move to wrap up the first quarter, it's the perfect time to take a look at those January goals and reevaluate! With the help of Your Best Year 2018 by Lisa Jacobs, I'm setting some goals for March and getting ready to start the second quarter with a bang! 

Favorite Podcasts

Just recently, my mother asked me to recommend some of my favorite podcasts, and that got me thinking -- I should really write a blog post about that!! I'll probably turn this into a series every few months if I end up finding new podcasts I love, but for right now, I'm definitely behind on these five! Check them out! 

How I Organized My Wardrobe

As I'm sure y'all know by now, I love clothes. While I do equally enjoy window-shopping to, well, ACTUAL shopping, my wardrobe had always been full to bursting. I recently set aside a few days to focus on decluttering and reorganizing my wardrobe, and I wanted to share my process with you all! 

InCoWriMo 2018 Lessons

February is International Correspondence Writing Month, and because one of my 2018 resolutions was to write more handwritten letters, I thought this year was the perfect year to jump into InCoWriMo! Little did I know, I would learn a lot about myself and others during this month -- and there's still a week left of InCoWriMo!

Romance Never Goes Out of Style

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! This Valentine's Day, I reached out to blogging powerhouse The Lifestyle Loop in the hopes that I could get their take on some relationship tips for those of us in Generation Z -- we're much newer at the whole romance thing!! Luckily, Sam put together this amazing post for us here at Thrive With Style. Check it out! 

My Top 5 Romantic Comedies!

Stuck for ideas on what to do for Valentine's Day? Perhaps a movie marathon would fit the bill -- lots of romcoms, some popcorn, some candy...Whether you'll be spending Valentine's Day with someone special, a group of friends, or just relaxing on your own, here are my top 5 romantic comedies to get you started! 

My Favorite YouTubers!

Like most of you, I'm sure, I watch a LOT of YouTube. As much fun as it is to watch a regular TV show on Netflix, I love how many options there are on YouTube. Plus, it's amazing to see the content creators out there! In no particular order, here are my favorite YouTubers of the moment. 

Must-Have Layering Pieces

When it's super cold out, the worst thing for a fashionista is to have to sacrifice style for warmth. No longer, my friends! I've compiled a list of my must-have layering pieces to ensure you're both toasty and the toast of the town this winter! 

My Winter Skincare

This year, I really want to focus on having a skincare routine that works for me! I've dabbled in it in the past, but I seriously want to commit this year. I wanted to start a bit of a series where I would detail my skincare seasonally, so I could remember my favorite products and see how my routine progresses over time!